Code News

Sorry for the short notice but we just found out about this issue over the weekend.

On Wednesday July 19, 2017, the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security will hold a hearing on several bills. The most important to this associations membership is House Bill 1317. This bill establishes a Building Code Coordinating Council. In essence any regulation the that is promulgated by the Board of Fire Prevention Regulations would have to pass through this board when it comes to issues involving a construction code. This new BCCC would have the authority to reject, by majority vote, proposed regulations that are inconsistent, redundant, conflicting or overlapping with any other existing or proposed construction codes.

Inconsistent and conflicting are the dangerous words.

The Fire Service has worked hard to promulgate laws and regulations to protect citizens and firefighters. This new BCCC would be a new layer of bureaucracy that would hinder our efforts. We all know the struggles we have when trying to modify the Building Code to make buildings safer. We ask that you take a moment and send a message to the members of the committee urging them to defeat this bill.

Visit to read the Bill.

Visit to find a list of members of the joint committee. If you click on their name it will provide you with telephone numbers and email addresses.