The benefits of becoming a member of the AFAA New England include:

  • AFAA-NE membership automatically includes AFAA National membership
  • AFAA-NE influences state and local ordinances, codes and standards that benefit the fire alarm industry
  • AFAA has representatives on NFPA 1, 70, 72, 76, 90A, 101, 909 and 5000 Technical Committees
  • AFAA-NE provides a direct link to research within the industry
  • AFAA-NE supports research through the NFPA Fire Research Foundation for projects that will directly affect fire alarm systems
  • AFAA-NE provides quality education for the fire alarm system industry, including NICET preparation and future FASA/BASA certification
  • AFAA-NE training courses provide continuing education credits
  • AFAA-NE provides networking opportunities with other fire alarm industry professionals
  • AFAA-NE promotes professionalism within the fire alarm industry
  • AFAA-NE provides for a direct voice within the fire alarm industry
  • AFAA-NE provides member discounts for seminars, publications, forms, etc.
  • AFAA-NE membership increases visibility and creates business opportunities
  • AFAA-NE provides a forum to resolve specific problems including design, application, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and system performance of fire alarm systems
  • AFAA-NE provides for participation in the web-based fire alarm discussion list
  • AFAA-NE provides technical assistance on interpretations of codes and standards
  • AFAA-NE membership includes subscription to the monthly member e-bulletin
  • Hertz Rental Car discounts
  • Delta Air Line discounts

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